Midi Sustain with VST Plugins

I’m fairly new using midi with n-track and the problem I’m having is getting the sustain pedal from my keyboard to work with vst plugins. The notes will sustain as long as at least one key is pressed with the foot pedal - but if I release all keys with the pedal still pressed there is no sustain. I’m wondering if this is a setting somewhere in n-track or on the keyboard that needs to be changed? Or if it’s possibly a limitation of the keyboard? I’m using an old Technics KN400 pcm keyboard as the controller and when using the actual sounds from the keyboard the sustain works perfectly. I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction!

Thanks ???

You controller might be sending out an AllNotesOff event when the keys are all let up. Some Roland keys do that, but ironically, some Roland synths don’t respond to AllNotesOff events. Those events (controllers that sends them) can cause odd problems like the one you are seeing.

Try filtering input events in the MIDI preferences. I think that;s where it is.