Midi Syncing issues

Hello folks.

I want to use N-track only for it’s MIDI editing capabilities. I’m having some problems with syncronization, so I’d like to ask a few questions to see if N-track is capable of what I want to do.

First, my setup.

1. Roland VS 2480
2. TD-10 V-Drum Module (using as drum machine
3. N-track

Ok, what I want to do is have the 2480 be the master. I’m running MIDI out of the 2480 into N-track. From there, I"m running MIDI out from N-track into my TD-10 (wich I’m using as a sound module)

What I"m trying to do is use the N-track to edit my drum patterns, and, after I get the pattern complete, have all three devices synced up so that when I hit play on the 2480, the N-track sequencer will kick in, which will cause my TD-10 to start playing, so I can edit everything by bars/beats instead of time.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that there is a delay of about a second or two from the time I hit play until N-track registers, which knocks everything out of sync (I’ve also tried using the N-track as the master, but had the same problems).

One other question…is N-track capable of taking tempo commands from another unit? For example: Lets say I have a track set up, and I want different tempos for the verse and the chorus. On the 2480 I can set up a tempo map, which will automate things for me and change the tempo internally. So, lets say I have 8 bars at 120bpm, then 8 at 130, will N-track up the tempo?

Also, can I move and drag the beats around so they are not perfectly in sync every beat?

For the record, I am using the demo version, so I know some features will be disabled. I do like what I’ve seen so far (the midi editor is very simple).