midi time strangeness

I’ve noticed if I start multitasking while playing back midi tracks(soundfonts), it can mess up timing, but even when I’m doing nothing but playing the midi track so i can record it to wav, sometimes for the same measure it will play a note shorter one time than if you come back and play it again!

I’ve tried system and wave time, and same thing:(


Have you tried lowering the buffer settings (File/Settings/Preferences/Recording Settings/Buffering)? I have a sample-playing plugin in which I was getting really bad timing in the playback. Nothing worse than a drum machine with no sense of rhythm!!! I changed my buffer settings from High to Low, and it fixed it (you can also set recording and playback buffers separately, but simply going from High down to Medium or Low is a good start). Might be worth a try if your machine can handle it…

[EDIT: I assumed you were using a soundfont-playing plugin, so if you’re talking about Soundblaster hardware playback, that’s another thing. Might try this anyway, I suppose.]


no, not trying soundfont plugin, I’m setting the soundfont as syntha or synthb in my audigy 2.

My computer should be capable of not having this issue. I will try changing the buffering, but it’s just bizarre. The other day I played the same measure 4 times, and only on the 4th did it get the timing right.