Midi Timing

I have been using n-track for a long time although not a lot of midi stuff. I got a new computer with XP and my old gadgetlabs soundcard.

I am having a problem with midi recording. I have my midi piano plugged in and i start recording and just play a few quick chords. I either get every note playing together in the first millisecond or they are spread out with the first chord starting at about 3 hours in to the midi file.

I have tried everything I can think of but all I can get is one or the other and it isn’t consistent. Any ideas? :(

Is that how they look on the piano roll or is that how they sound?

Actually both. and it seems to change and I can’t quite figure out what is making it change. I have always programmed midi note by note with no problem, This is the first time I have tried recording midi live from a midi keyboard.

i am just wondering if you are zoomed way in or way out?

I thought that too but If I load a midi file or I program the note in with a mouse it plays fine. If I record with my midi piano it either plays them all in the first spilt second or one to three hours down on the timeline according to the time instead of one to two seconds. this is just really weird.