midi to wav

how do I get midi to convert to wav

soundblaster live 24 bit
line6 toneport ux2
ntrack ver4.2.1

also why do some midi files (esp longer ones) lock up n track when importing them?

I still use version 3.3. To render MIDI to wave you can do it two ways on my version. One is good the other is not (IMO).

1) There is a drop down menu option under “file”, I think. Render or Convert MIDI to Wav. If you use this option your MIDI will be gone after it is rendered to wav.
2) The better way is to change the sounndcard record source to “record what you hear”, or (on my soundcard set up it is 'stereo mix". NTrack will then record what ever you hear in your monitors. Just mute all but the midi track, press record, play the MIDI track. When you stop recording you will have a wave track which dupes the MIDI track.

Remember, this is how I do it using v 3.3.

Don’t know about your other question.


I am not a MIDI wizard, but my remembrance is that there are two (at least) different types of MIDI files, MIDI1 and MIDI2, and N is set to only work with one of them (though I forget which one - sorry). There are several free converters available though, so you might want to do just a little research on those…

Good luck!
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Tony W

And remember, a midi file is only the equivalent of a music score, so the quality of the wav depends on what ‘plays’ it.

So the same midi file will not sound the same if rendered by a 2 Meg GM Soundfont on your SBLive, or by Kontact or something with a multi Gigabyte set of soundbanks.

Excellent point, Spambot.

Dastinka, if you want a good rendition of the MIDI file, you’ll need to carefully select the softsynths used for each track – each instrument. The sounds built into your soundblaster are pretty weak, especially piano. There are a number of free softsynths and soundfonts that will add quite a bit of life and realism to the results.

If you’re happy with how the Soundblaster sounds, fine. But if you’re interested in making it sound less artificial, let us know what instruments are on the track and maybe we can help you find better sounds. It’s a time consuming thing, though – sifting through what’s available.

For starters, though, consider downloading sfz from http://rgcaudio.com (near the bottom of the products list). It’s a free soundfont player. Then the rest of your life will be spent searching for the holy grail of soundfonts. :wink:

Two soundfonts I highly recommend, if you use the respective instruments:

Splendid Grand (google it)
jRhodes3 for Rhodes vintage electric piano

Also, download every software instrument from http://sounfonts.it, especially VB3 (Hammond organ simulator) and the electric pianos (MrRay and MrTramp). A single 30 Euro registration fee covers all of these instruments.

Ok tried all that, still nothing. Here’s what I’m doing.
I downloaded a midi file for a song I like.
I imported the midi file to ntrack.
I deleted the tracks I didn’t want and just kept a bass and drum track.
When I try to record a rythum guitar track using my toneport, I can only hear the 2 midi tracks from my computer speakers, not through the earphone hooked to the toneport. Through the headphones I can only hear the guitar track just created.
I figure if I can convert the midi tracks to wav then I can hear them all together with the tracks I record. (and for final mixdown)

Perhaps you might want to study the basics a wee bit more dastinka, and the differences between midi tracks and audio tracks.

As I said, the midi tracks are only the equivalent of music scores, they have no sound, they make no noise. They are like a conductor with his sheet music, and they need an orchestra (or at least a bloke with an accordion) to play them.

So, your SBlive has an orchestra. It usually comes with a default soundfont, and presumably it’s that which is ‘playing’ in your speakers.

What your toneport is doing, I haven’t the foggiest, because I know nothing about it, but it seems to me that your signal routing might not be what you want it to be.

I found it.
Gotta have the audio device set to sound card, not toneport when converting to wav.
Thanks for all the help.
As usual, it was right in front of me and I could not see it.