midi to wav

O.k i am a learner here and i would like to convert a midi file to a wav file and when i try this with n-track i get the error no wave tracks to render.
I import a midi then go to file and save as and select wav.
I don’t even know if this is posible or not and any help would be appreciated.

use the search button of the forum, is a topic very covered in the forum. You will found a lot of info on "How-to"

By example:

With N open of course…
import midi file
menu bar
convert midi to wav

That’s it

Basic question: Do you have a MIDI synth (either hardware or software) selected in your preferences??

If you have a soundcard without a synth selected, you’ll get an error.
If you have a VSTi like “sfz” selected without a proper soundfont loaded, you’ll get an error.

'Ya gots to provide more info 'cause we’re not psychic here…