Midi to Wave with VST and Tascam122

Cannot convert to Midi to Wave

Okay I give up Help Please. I have over the years created some killer midi arrangements that I would love to turn into Wave tracks. I have looked in the manuel seen some posts I just dont get it. My brain is old and fryed with pro audio stuff. I dont use my audigy 2 or my RME cards because I love the sounds of the internal VSC Virtual Sound Canvas Synth. I also use Giga studio sounds on ocasion. My setup is Tascam 122 as my soundcard in and out, VSC and Gigastudio as sample sound generating and midi playback equipment.

One way to convert midi into audio is to solo the track that you want to convert, then go to FILE -> MIXDOWN SONG. When the mixdown panel appears, give the file a unique name and click on START and wait for mixdown to be completed. Do this for each midi track. Then, start a new project and insert each of the wave files that you have created (by clicking TRACK -> INSERT WAVE FILE) into a new audio track.


tspringer - This works! If anyone is having bad results with the midi to wav converter, follow the instructions in the post above. Not sure if its necessary, but I froze the midi track before I mixed down. Thanks!!!

I’ve never actually tried to freeze a MIDI track but theoretically I think doing that in and of itself would create a wav file of it. Mixing down would give you more control over the wave file created though.