MIDI Track Properties

When I Import a MIDI file and make changes in “MIDI Track Propertires”, I can’t fix these changes. So if I export the MIDI file these changes desappear. The changes I make in “MIDI Track Propertires” don’t appear in “MIDI Event Properties”. What I’m doing wrong? :(

I am not following you at all. You import a MIDI file, right click on a MIDI track, and then you cannot make changes? Am I understanding correctly? Or are you saying that when you change something in the MIDI track’s properties such a reverb, it does not show up in the event list? If it is the latter, then that is by design. You would use the track properties as sort of a master fader and then fine tune with in the piano roll. Does that make sense? However, any event in the piano roll/event list will override the track’s properties except for scaling velocities or transposition.