midi tracks syncing


hi everyone. i’m still using 4.2.1. i have created a Midi bass track using N-track thru a bass plug-in. then i created a simple drum track using n-track drums. then i decided to put a bit of swing to it using the quantize settings. i found that as time went on (you could notice a difference after about 7-8 bars) it was more and more out of sync. bear in mind, these are 2 MIDI tracks, not 1 MIDI, 1 audio. i thought perhaps it may have been a plug-in, so i assigned different plugins to the 2 tracks, same result. i tried changing the tempo thinking that may line everything up again. i tried resetting the program to the defaults. most of the syncing info in the help seems to relate to using different computers or programs or multiple instances of the same program. i tried a few things on this forum like unchecking the system timer thingys in the settings. i rechecked my note-entering skills and its written into the piano roll just fine. i just dont get how 2 MIDI tracks set at the same tempo can slowly get out of sync within the same song.

i actually did have tis problem once before using plug-ins versus general MIDI, so i just went to using plugins only, but now it’s happening even with plugins.

i have windows XP, 1.8Mhz CPU, 70G free space.

frikkin’ thing.

the problem you had with GM MIDI (M$oft synth) is that MIDI sent to the M$oft synth is controlled by Windows and not N track and it has a fixed delay of about 1/2 a second -

many (most) low cost/free VSTi do not report their latency correct;y (if at all) so even if you have latency compensation ticked in Ns prefs it is useless if the VSTi does nothing -

the best way to check MIDI out is to set up 1 track then clone the track so you have two identical tracks - then see if they drift apart -

BUT BEWARE - Ns AUDIO BUFFERS SETTINGS WILL AFFECT PLAYBACK - do not use MME drivers - WDM is better - ASIO is best - lower buffer settings are best but not so low as to cause audio breakup -

N Track drums uses samples to generate the drums - if the sample is not correct in its length then it will drift - a kick drum sample that is 100th of a second to long will drift by 1 second every 100 beats - it is not impossible but can be difficult and very time comsuming to trim the samples that N track drums use to get them correct although you will never get a sample player to be accurate over a long time span - you mat be better off using a soft synth that can generate drum sounds from its oscillators as these will generally always be correct -

also when programming MIDI drums always use SNAP TO GRID - if you do not use snap to grid the more you zoom in on the piano roll the more you will see that yours notes are not in the correct place -

Dr J