midi tracks

adding to existing track

Hey everyone,

I have a midi drum track and I am recording a piano midi track. Problem is, when I am finished recording the piano part, it is on its own track and ALSO on the pre-existing midi drum track. Never had this problem before…any ideas.

ver 3.3


It does it even if the drum track is NOT armed for recording? If so, I would say it’s a bug.


I don’t “arm” a track for recording in this version… I have tried a couple of different ways
a) Inserted a blank midi track, or
b) just clicked the record button with the kbd/mic icon showing only kbd OR kbd & mic.

Both ways created a midi piano track but also put the same info on my midi drum track. The set up on the rec VU meter is “record to a new track”.

I feel bad that I am always here touting my “very stable system”. Guess I should have knocked on some wood… It has to be something I have set incorrectly.


Fixed it…