MIDI tracks

don’t hear anything

I may be being really stupid (and don’t really know what I’m doing anyway) so apologies in advance.

I was following the MIDI drum tutorial in the manual last night but when I playback the track I hear nothing (playing back through Behringer UB-802 mixer). I don’t have a controller was just using the piano roll to add notes to the track.

I tried fiddling with the Audio devices selected in Preferences where there are about 7 entries each for input and output related to my Audiophile 2496 soundcard (so far I’ve just used a WDM device that has worked for recording/monitoring guitar vocals).

Bit clueless about MIDI basically.

Thanks in advance


You need to select a MIDI Device for your output instead of an audio Device. Look in the preferences. Maybe you can list what your computer have under Midi device section, and guys will tell you wich one is more apropiated to use. You can also try to use a VSTi, that is a Virtual instrument, instead of a midi device. Tell us.

Thanks Marce

I’m not at home at the moment so will have a look and post back what’s in the list later :)

Here’s a good starter for you:


marce’s right; you gotta have a midi synth specified in order to make a noise from the midi data. That can be a hardware or a software synth (not every soundcard has a midi synth built into it.)

That looks like a good article I’ll have a read of that before I go any further:

These are what I have under my Audio Playback Devices:

M-Audio Delta ASIO
MME: M-Audio Delta AP 1/2
MME: M-Audio Delta AP Multi
MME: M-Audio Delta AP S/PDIF
MME: Realtek AC97 Audio
MME: Wave Mapper
WDM: M-Audio Delta AP 1/2
WDM: M-Audio Delta AP Multi
WDM: M-Audio Delta AP S/PDIF
WDM: Realtek AC97 Audio

Realtek is the onboard sound card, I use the Audiophile 2496 for Ntrack stuff.



I think you’re still unclear between the what audio and what Midi is.

Think of Midi like being a music score; you have to give it to a musician first, because you’ll never hear anything from the piece of paper.

So, you have to send midi to something that will play it, or you can try and listen till your corndog melts, but you’ll hear nothing.

So, you need to send it to a midi device, not an audio device.

That can be external hardware: Look for a 5 pin DIN plug on the back of your soundcard, then plug it into something.

Or, internal hardware; a synth on an SBlive or something.

Or, pure software; SFZ, Kontact, FM7, NI B4, etc., or some sort of soft synth/sampler anyway.

Soft synths/samplers often come as VSTi’s or DXi’s, so if you don’t have the hardware, then look around for a free one of those.
Good luck. :)

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