MIDI Usability?

I have used N-track 2.x and 3.x but switched to Sonar almost a year ago. I was never quite happy with the usability of writing MIDI music in N-Track.

I miss the performance and reliability N-Track, but I need to be able to write music easily like I can Sonar. In sonar I use the Staff view. Does N-Track have anything similar now? I didn’t like using the Piano Roll because I like see real notation.


Nope. Still just the piano roll. n-Track is a fantastic audio program but somewhat lacking in the MIDI and Scoring department.


This is my only beef with n-track, the only editing option you have is the piano roll even in the newest version. What I generally do is sequence everything in Cakewalk, export a MIDI file, and then import the MIDI file into N and do everything else.

Darn. That’s too bad. N-Track is such a great program but that is a major drawback (at least for me).

Thanks for the info.

Other than that, is it superior to Sonar 3 Producer?

minus the huge price difference.

I would prefer n-track bacause it is soooo frikin’ easy to use and supports all the plugin formats with out the wrapper. But if you have 3.3 already, might as well load it up and see how it feels in comparison. Or are you saying you are considering getting Sonar 3 Pro? I dunno, I don’t see much in SOnar 3 Pro that I need that n-track doesn’t do. You already have something that does notation based sequencing. I don’t see any reason to bother with an upgrade.

You can buy really cheap version of Cakewalk’s software that have most if not all the midi editing functions that Sonar has and export a midi file for N-track. There are a number of programs that are inexpensive (around $75) that have advanced scoring and chord notation features far above what Sonar has. Thats what I’m doing. Take a look at Harmony Assistant. Combine that with N-track and you’ll forget about sonar.

no cents

That’s what I’m doing… I use Melody Assistant for scoring ( $20 from www.myriad-online.com - it’s Harmony Assistant’s little brother ) and then import it into N-Track. No biggie.

thanks for the tip on Melody Assistant - great little program :p