midi volume

well, now i’m making songs, and i want to insert a midi track with the melody to help me to sing a song. but the volume is real low.
in the volume you can rise that to 127, but it’s not enough to me, cos the other parts (wav) are very loud.
Is there a way to make midi tracks louder?

What are you using to playback the midi track?

If it is an external sound module, tur the volume up on that or the mixer it is plugged into (if it is plugged into one)

If it is a soundfont, you may need to adjust your wav volume in your soundcard mixer

If it is an internal midi synth in your soundcard then you may need to push up the midi volume on your soundcardmixer

Otherwise, you will have to pull the wavs down, but it is most likely that you just need to get your midi source volume up to a decent level.


thanks for the soon answer!
well, i have a midi keyboard connected to the port and in the recording sound settings is in the top.

I’m not sure how you have it connected…

So you have midi out from your PC to the keyboard?
Then the audio out form the keyboard going to a mixer/amp?
AND you have the midi track in N sent to the midi out port?

If so, then you need to turn the volume up on the keyboard, mixer or amp



yes, i have a electronic piano, and have plugged in the midi port of my soundcard. If I hit the keys it sounds, and the ntrack program records it well, but the problem is that the volume is very low…
i dont want to include the sound in the final mixdown, but i want it to help me sing so i don’t have to play the piano while i’m singing… did you got it?
(sorry for my poor english)

So you are recording a midi track and then pressing play in N-TRack to play that midi track back? Yes?

If so, what is the midi track routed to?
(right click on the midi track in the timeline view and choose properties and you can see where you have it routed).
If you want the midi track to be played back by the electric piano then you need to send the midi track to the midi out port and connect the midi out on your PC to the midi in on the e-piano.

Only way to get the e-piano louder is to turn up the volume on the piano or the amp you have it plugged into.

i hope you could talk spanish!!! :)
no, i don’t want to the piano plays the song back. I do the following steps:
1. i have a song in ntrack with guitars, bass and drums recorded in tracks (wavs).
2. i want to add the voice with the mic, but i want to help me adding the background sound (the same melody played with the electric piano).
3. i record a midi track, playing it with the electric piano, so Ntrack recorded in a midi track. so now i have the melody in the song.
4. the volume of that midi track is very low, so i can barely hear it, cos the other tracks are too much louder.
5. if i go to the mixer properties it showed me 127 (the top), so i cant rise it.
6. the question: is other way to make louder that midi track when i playback the song or record it?

and thanks for the help… :;):

note: the melody are the same notes that later i will sing them.

What souncard do you have?

It sounds like maybe you are using your soundcard (maybe the MS synth) to playback the midi track…

Right click on the midi track in the timeline and choose "Properties"
Where is the midi track being output to?

If it is your soundcard synth then you need to adjust the soundcard mixer properties to increase the midi volume in the souncard mixer.

Hope that makes sense…

agh, now my keyboard it’s alive!!!:D
well, the output was MIDI MAPPER, and i have some more options (one makes the keyboard plays alone), but no one has volume options :(
any ideas?

The volume options will be in the soundcard mixer in the windows control panel.

If you can output the midi track to your e-piano and then turn the volume up on that it would probab;y be easiest and sound the best

Si tu sintetizador midi tiene poco volumen, tenes varias opciones:
-Agregar a las “velocityes” en “properties” de la pista midi un adicional de 50 o 60.(busca el campo “Velocity+”)
-Sino, convertí tu pista midi a wav (sino sabés como hacerlo, preguntá que te podemos ayudar), y luego subile el volumen todo lo que te haga falta.
-También podés, en el mixer de windows, bajar un poco el volumen de “WAV” y subir el de “midi” para que no haya tanta diferencia, y las wav tapen al midi.

Bueno, suerte!

oh, the last night i find the solution… and i posted here… well, i thought i did it, but seems i forgot to click the button :).
yes, the solution was in the piano roll, in velocity. The bars were very low (10-15%), i simply raised that bars and now it sounds louder.
i had thought to decrease the wavs volumes, but it had problems: 3 or 4 tracks to low to -20. And the midi didn’t still sounds high.

thanks to rich and marce, for the help :)