keyboardan n’track


I try desesperatly to connect my keyboard to the computer.
What i have to do to make recognized my keyboard with n’track 4+
thanks for the help

It depends what you are trying to do…

You could record your keyboard’s audio out by connecting the output of your keyboard to the line-in on your soundcard.

But I suspect you are trying to record MIDI?

First up, you need a midi interface. Most soundcards have a joystick port that (with the aid of a special cable) can be used for midi in/out.

You need to connect MIDI IN on the PC to MIDI OUT on the keyboard and vice versa.

Then, probably the easiest way to get going is to add a blank MIDI track to your project and send it’s output somewhere - either to your soundcard’s MIDI output back your your keyboard, or to your soundcard’s onboard midi synth, or to a Vsti or track with a soundfont player loaded. I’ve left out the details because at this point we really need to know what you are trying to do to be any more help.