Mikes for vocal recording

Hi: What do you guys think about good mikes for vocal recording at home? My voice tends to be a little nasal (depending on the day, wheather, etc), so I’m always trying to disguise this mostly by adding lots of reverb, but I think maybe some of you know about a mike that could atttenuate this nasal carachter. I think about some mike in the range of $ 100, like SM58.

Well…You could try a VST plugin that can emulate different nasal characteristics. Here’s a link. Might be cheaper this way than buying a new mic.



Most mics are designed to try and produce a sound as near the original as possible. So, eq is probably your best choice. But a lot of really good, rich and famous singers don’t have great voices. Particularly in today’s world. A good since of beat and style go a long way. If I were looking for One mic I would go for a Shure 57 or 58. I have a dozen or so mics, including some I use more often, but when I listen to old recorded material done with those dynamic mics I wonder why I spent the money.

Thanx guys.