Mind Reader.


Try this, it’s really weird.

I wonder if any of you know how it works? It’s been doing my head in :p

It doesn’t work for me. Does it track the cursor? ???

edit: OK, now it’s doing it. weird. Big brother is watching…

No, it doesn’t track the cursor…

I guess it must be something mathematical in the subtraction of the two digits. Wish I knew how it worked.

no matter what two digit number you think of, if you follow the rules, the answer is always a multiple of 9.

If you think of your number as:

(a x 10) + b (so e.g., 56 would be (5 x 10) + 6 ),

then subtract b, then a, giving; (a x 10) + b - b - a = 9a

So it’s always 9a, i.e., a multiple of 9.

for example, 58 can be written as; (5 x 10) + 8,
so, subtract 8, then 5, giving 45, which of course is 9 x 5.

So, check out the symbols that are multiples of 9!

Remember, algebra is your friend! :D


Thanks Ali, I’ll sleep better tonight now :)

What threw me off was I thought that the number/symbol grid was fixed, but now you’ve said that I noticed that the images and symbols generate randomly so the multiple of 9 images is always different.

Ha! Ali you rock. :)

And they said ya never would need algebra when you got out of school!:D

Heh. Any of you guys ever see the PowerPoint thing going around the web where David Copperfield “read” your mind via the Internet to make the card you mentally chose disappear? That one made me think for a few minutes until I looked close enough to realise ALL of the remaining cards were different!

They were all face cards.