Minnesota. land of 10,000 lakes and...

really goofy politics…

Willy, I am comng back to AUS where things make sense…

I vant to get your vote!
Self-proclaimed vampire running for governor of Minnesota
Updated: 8:30 p.m. ET Jan. 12, 2006

MINNEAPOLIS - Minnesota voters, who eight years ago elected a former professional wrestler as their governor, may find a self-proclaimed vampire on the ballot for the office this year.

“Politics is a cut-throat business,” said Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey, who said he plans to announce his bid for governor on Friday on the ticket of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party.

Like Jesse “The Body” Ventura, who was elected governor as an independent in 1998, the 41-year-old Sharkey once was a wrestler, although he spent his time “The Unholiest of Kings: Tarantula” on obscure professional circuits.

“I’m a Satanist who doesn’t hate Jesus,” Sharkey told Reuters. “I just hate God the Father.”

However, he claims to respect all religions and if elected, will post “everything from the Ten Commandments to the Wicca Reed” in government buildings.

Sharkey also pledged to execute convicted murders and child molesters personally by impaling them on a wooden pole outside the state capitol.

Sharkey told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he’s a vampire “just like you see in the movies and TV.”

“I sink my fangs into the neck of my donor … and drink their blood,” he said, adding that his donor is his wife, Julie.

The field for the governor’s race in Minnesota is far from complete. Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty is widely expected to seek another term in November, and his Democratic opponent has not been determined.

Sharkey said he planned to announce his candidacy on Friday — the 13th — because that was “my lucky number.”
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Here he is:

His wife is kinda cute… I’ll bet they’re a kinky couple… ???


Wait up Clark! We can carpool…


Which one is the (kinda cute) wife ? ???


Which one is the (kinda cute) wife ?

The one with the spare penis sticking out the top of her head.

Do try to keep up Teryeah. :)
Quote (teryeah @ Jan. 13 2006,17:19)
Which one is the (kinda cute) wife ? ???

The cute one is the wife.

Oh well, the spare penis sticks up from the head of a not particularily cute woman IMO, but what the h3ll do I know, being a Scandinavian and all… :)

I went to his website and the funny thing was…if you disregard his religion and some of the goofy aspects…he seems more in touch than your regular candidate and has some good ideas…

One I like in particular is impaling new folks moving in…Where I live the population was 125,000 when I was born and grew to a couple million. :p


Quote (KingFish @ Jan. 15 2006,10:24)
Where I live the population was 125,000 when I was born and grew to a couple million. :p

Sooo… how old are you ?

DID I say 125,000?????? I was wrong!!! I looked it up and the population was 106,000.

I’m old enough to know better and young enough not to care.


OK. I checked out dudes website… NUTCASE! That is all…


…and I thought they all are NUTCASES.


You are right of course. How silly of me! He is just a little creepier than your average blood-sucking political vermin.


Actually Tim, in the UK we have a political party called The Monster Raving Loony Party. It was started by Screaming Lord Such (of the other thread) back in the 60’s.

Since then it’s split many times, the Official Monster Party, etc., etc.

Although none of them have ever won a seat in the national elections, they have once or twice won in local elections.

And surprise surprise, the candidates have done very well as local government officials.

It seems that people with a sense of humour and fun do better for the populace than people who’s only aim in life is to be in charge.

Sorta nice to vote for someone who considers laughter to be more important than hypocrisy and greed. :D


Sorta nice to vote for someone who considers laughter to be more important than hypocrisy and greed.

You make an excellent point sir. Had not thought of it that way… I just pictured that guy swooping in a window and sucking peoples blood Dracula style. :D