My journey into funk…


One I wrote over a year ago and have been meaning to record properly for ages…along with some new chords I learned.

Mix sound ok?

Awesome. Radio ready! :) Love the crackle at the beginning. How’d you do the bass?

Thanks Tom.
Bass is just played on my cheapo bass guitar.
:;): No effects just some noise reduction and compression ( and I used a pick )

I do need to sort out the abrupt ending though…

That put a BIG smile on my face.

Whoa! Just FB’d this little beaut’. Nice one, Craig.

Hrm, a few things… For the most part, things are great. The bass, it wasn’t until a break towards the end that I realized there was bass. Maybe you are going for old school bass, but I might suggest bringing it forward. Also, the drums. They lean to the right. I get the feeling you used only over heads. You can deal with this a few different ways, but the easiest… eesh, not sure how to do this in N, but in R I would just toss the two overhead tracks in a folder and use the balance fader to get the kick and snare centered up. You can probably do this with a group in N. If that doesn’t do it, you need to pay closer attention to mic positioning next time. Look up the Recorderman Method for a great way to do overheads more or less perfectly ever time… or go M/S as that is an easy way to get the kick and snare dead center.

Thanks guys

Bubba I was hoping you’d drop me some pearls of wisdom! Thanks man

I did a frequency cut right at the lower end…dropped everything out ( I read to do that somewhere ).
Could that be the problem with the bass? Or should I just bring it forward as is?

Drums…need ‘centering’. Gotcha :agree:

Great stuff Spreadie…out of your normal comfort zone, but nicely written and executed. I’m with Bubba on the bass though, really would be nice to hear it come through on this type of stuff. Good job mate! :agree: :agree: :agree:

Hi spreadercraig:

It’s a nice departure from the stuff I would normally hear you do…
The Bass/Bottom End is great… I just need to pump up the listening level to 90 - 92 db for it to shine through…
Maybe, widen out the Lo-end envelope and poke it up a bit, in the mix ? …
Keep working at this flavor…
I Know… You’ll get it…

The song sounds great

I still like your ballot songs


Quote: (spreadercraig @ Apr. 18 2011, 1:01 AM)

Thanks guys

Bubba I was hoping you'd drop me some pearls of wisdom! Thanks man

I did a frequency cut right at the lower end....dropped everything out ( I read to do that somewhere ).
Could that be the problem with the bass? Or should I just bring it forward as is?

Drums...need 'centering'. Gotcha

I don't know where that "cut everything under" whatever myth comes from. Forget it. If you are going to do anything, do a HPF at like 25-30 HZ to fix DC offset.... assuming DC offset actually is an issue which it likely isn't.

Wasn’t the low cut an artifact of mastering for vinyl? No idea if that is true. Anyway, for what it’s worth I thought the bass sound was very “period” and appropriate.

Certainly there were considerations for vinyl to keep the needle from jumping the groove, but of course that is no longer an issue. That had less to do with frequency content and more to do with dynamics… aka, you could never get away with the blistering hot masters of today on vinyl. Low bass was fine just so long as you didn’t have it stupid loud. I can think of a few old recordings with some major low bass going on especially with upright basses. Check out old Dino recordings for an example. If you are going for a Motown bass sound, then sure, it was more subdued. If you want modern, compress and pop it up a few db. All in what you want.

Thanks again for the input.

Basswise…I put on the multiband compressor on ‘bass boost’…and needed to turn the vol down…

Any better?


…bass sounds a little hot on my cans now…is it just me?

Also I think drums might be thrown a little in parts as the guitar is panned left…

Just you. :wink: I’ll take a listen in the good room later tonight.

On the good speaks in the good room I am hearing something more like this:


You could also probably chill out the guitar a tad.

:agree: Thanks for taking the time there.

For my future reference there, how did you do that? Stereo expansion is obviously less severe.

I used M/S processing. (Well, first i recorded Soundclick’s output… ) So in Reaper, there is a M/S encoder and decoder. Toss on the M/S encoder and the left becomes the M and the right becomes the S. I tweaked the EQ a tad on the M, compressed it, and brought it forward. I also EQd the S to bring down the “porno” guitar. This just gave things a lot more focus and solid IMO while still maintaining decent stereo width. I also dropped the over all volume to more or less match your mix so you could do an accurate A/B comparison. Essentially, there’s a free master for you… minus a few minutes at the end. :D

Thanks matey!
Free learning curve too
m/s processing explained in this thread…

If you come to the UK anytime soon I’ll buy you a Guinness…