Mising feature!!

I can’t find the arming button on the audio tracks, I have the new 4.04 beta build 1751, I can not figure out how to arm a track!!!

Have you already enabled it via the “Select left track bar elements” settings? If not, here’s how:
1. Right-click on the left-hand “track bar” (the one where the arming button should be). You’ll see a popup menu.
2. Click “Select left track bar elements” from the popup menu
3. In the popup window, Highlight the “R” item in the list, then click OK

If the “R” wasn’t highlighted in step 3 to begin with, you should see the arming button reappear.

The only other thing I can think of that could hide it is if you’ve manually reduced the size of the left track bar such that it doesn’t have enough room to display the arming button.



Did you lose the whole column where the track name and buttons appear? This happens from time to time – usually as a result of a mis-click I think. If you click the x to make the recording meters go away and put your cursor at the left boundary and drag right, you can usually bring that strip back. Try different places to drag from. If that doesn’t work, resetting to defaults should fix it.

If you didn’t lose that whole strip, then I have no idea what your problem might be.

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[edit -- unless it's what Scanman says, good post!]

Thanks, Jeff...just trying to keep up with the Jeffs....errr Joneses :laugh: