mix down adds blank space to beginning of song


I seem to be having a lot of sync problems. this time I realized that everytime I mixdown the program adds some silence to the beginning of the song, and then when I replace the tracks with the mixed down file they no longer line up… why does it do this? how do I get it to stop?


There is no workaround in my opinion. The cause it plug-in compensation. I consider it a minor bug, but it can be a major headache when working with mixdowns and trading files. Sometimes there will be an audible spike/pop in the mix right where the real mix starts.

The workaround I use is to always - ALWAYS - have some blank area at the beginning and a common click with some very visible spikes on every track that is always included in every mixdown. I usually start with a wave recording of a MIDI click and keep it there for the life of the project. When those mixed files are imported there is a visible way to manually line up the tracks. It’s almost the only way to do it since plug-in compensation changes depending on the mix and plug-ins used.