Mix Down...I cant find new file

Help with Mix down steps

Guys I have been a way from N for a while…I’m trying to record a happy Birthday song…I saved the recording then when I click on file> Mix down I cant see the File "Happy Birthday"
I must be doing something wrong…need a bit of help to walk me through the steps to mix down

Thanks for your help

Not sure about your question - Here are the steps to mixdown:
I usually save the song first - this is not necessary, but it seems good policy.
Click on menu File > Mixdown Song.
A box will open where you type the name of the new, mixdown file (This may be the problem, the program used to create a default file name for you)
You can also select where you want the file to be saved and the type of file ( wav, mp3, wma, and other choices)
Then a new window opens an the Output/ filename is shown. Click on More Options to select which tracks, the entire song and other options.
Then click on Start.
Hope this answers your question. Let us know.

Thanks Bax …I just needed that refreasher :)