Mix down to MP3 - slow, low pitch audio

When I mix down to mp3, audio is slow

When I mix down a recorded track and create MP3 file and CD (using the CD 44.1K @ 16Bit), the CD turns out good; however, when I go to play the created mp3 in Media Player, the audio is very slow/low pitched. Do I have to create these files independantly? Do I need to adjust the sample rates and other settings for the MP3? Is there a way that I can set it so that I get best quality for both CD and MP3 when creating at same time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am new at this n-track app and live audio recording.


Background on Equipment:

this is running on an HP 2.2 GHz dual core pentium with 3GB of RAM, 360 GB HD, running Vista Home Premium, and recording via an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card

I had a problem with my XP computer recently with the MP3 mix down playing at about 4x speed. I ended up reloading N again and that fixed the problem.
I dont know whether your problem is a Vista one or not?
Someone far more knowledgeable than I will probably have the answer.

Are you getting any resample messages in red on your tracks?

Sounds like a sampling rate problem. What rate are you recording at?

Well, I did uninstall and reinstall the application. this appears to have fixed my problem. Now, I am not sure this is something to do with the app, or if it is because I had screwed up some settings in the last few days while I have been learning how to use it.

Thanks for the help gents!

You most likely had a sample rate conflict.