Mix One

First mix of “The Light Of Day”

Hello fellow musicians,

Long time since I’ve been in the forum - some good stuff happening for sure!

As a drummer, it has killed me in the past using electric drums to record original music, but I now have a “poor man’s method” of micing my acoustic kit and getting a half-decent sound - so I am very stoked!

During Easter weekend I recorded a drum track with click, then wrote and recorded the music around the drum track - an interesting approach - here is the result - any advice would be appreciated - thanks!

The song is on the left and is called "THE LIGHT OF DAY"



nice stuff Dan - very tight and well produced!
Love the bit of surfer styling thrown in, and the great harmony blend.

Nice stuff as usual.

Did you play those double kicks or ‘create’ them? Be honest! :laugh:

Hi Poppa!

How you been? Thank you for listening. I did play the double bass for real - the whole drum track is a single take (the 10th take mind you!), but it would be very uncool to ‘create’ the drum line. Mind you, I’ve been practicing with a metronome for about 3 years, but I wanted my feet to be as fast as my hands - the speed is only 170bpm (my max) - many drummers play around 210bpm!!!


Advice? Keep doing what you’re doing. A very creative mix of styles, and done to perfection, best I can tell. You are one talented dude. :agree:

Well I’m impressed! Great job - and the mix on this one is right on. Can’t find a thing to pick on!

Yep! This is up to your usual high standard Dan. Another well written and well put together song. Great harmony vox, double kicks are great and not over used.

Like it a lot. :agree:

All the HOT Drummers over here live in Halifax…

Then they move to Toronto or Montreal… :p :laugh:

Hi Dan… You make it look so easy…


Superb as usual Mr. Dan!

Are all Canadian drummers from the N.P. school of drumming? :cool:

Vocals outstanding! :agree:

Thank you everyone.

I am going to remix with less compression, eq the kick a bit - thanks!

WOW! this is really very tight, the vox are fantastic. great song too.

Ange x