mixdown and midi questions

Ah, I forgot: the mic that I use it’s AKG d70s

Right, what Mark says: YOU have to create the stereo image. Panning is just the first step, but it’s where you should start. However, when you have just one guitar track and one vocal track, panning them apart isn’t what you want, and you have to use other methods.

I generally use compression and mild stereo reverb on vocals and acoustic guitar. I generally avoid delay and just use that for a more obvious effect. Some people use delays to build stereo image but I recommend against it for acoustic instruments because it usually causes funny coloration when the signal gets mixed to mono (which happens a lot more than most folks realize). It can work great on electric guitar, though – funny coloration isn’t such a problem there.

About being a beginner, if you played the guitar track on Europa, you’re no more of a beginner than most of the folks there! You may be a beginner at recording, but collaborating is a great way to learn because folks are with you every step of the way. Really – try it, the water’s warm!

Quote (Mark A @ Dec. 13 2005,12:47)
Listening more closely I suggest, IMHO that the bass on "Road" is just wrong... wrong sound, wrong feel, and too high perhaps... it's up there with the guitars in range. Try an octave lower (maybe in some places) and see how that sounds.

please could you explain me how I can change the bass an octave lower with n-track? I'm interested about this.
thank you very much


please could you explain me how I can change the bass an octave lower with n-track? I’m interested about this.
thank you very much

It’s easy to do for the whole track. One way is to open the preferences for the MIDI track (where you set the Track Name and the “output to”). In there is a “Transpose” setting. Set it to -12. Midi track will now play “12 frets lower” - ie an octave lower.

Or… go into the piano roll, select all the notes (zoom out perhaps). Then double-click one of the selected notes and change the property of the “note” to -12.

You may want to change only some parts of the track to be and octave lower. In that case use the second method but only select the notes you want to be transposed.



thank you, I’ll test it soon.
step by step I learn something. :)
I think that the problem is that a lot of people would like to play their instrument most of the time and to spend less time on recording and mixing songs…but…as a the title of a 80’s famous song says…I have to do “all by myself” :laugh:

I’ve done again the mixing of “road” and “studio” let me
know what do you think about this new ones, I think that the
sound now it’s more clear as before.
For road I’ve reset all the effects and volume, then
I’ve choosed in the master channel an effect of
Voxengo, the stereotuch (very close) and nothing else,
just a little bit of n-track compression for the guitar. For the bass track
I’ve choosed eq properties and then high low pass.
Then in the second mixdown I’ve choosed for the master
channel the soft knee compression of n-track and again
voxengostereo (stage), and the ambience2 reverb just
for voices and guitars.
for studio5 I’ve set ambience1 reverb and soft noise gate
So, let me know if this time the sound ist better than
the last time. Maybe the voice need something… I don’t know.
thank you

studio 5

Why don’t you try the Echo Mia card? It is 24 bit and cheap but great sounding!