mixdown does work correctly

ive filled out a feedback form like 2 months ago and never got an answer about this problem. so im resorting to using the forum.

heres the problem:
if i try to mixdown two tracks and have that mixdown replace the two tracks that i mixeddown the program will crash or it will replace all the tracks in the song. does anyone else have this problem? does anyone else know what is wrong? does it have to do with sampling rates, cause i now record at 48000 instead of 44100. anyway heres my hardware:

creative sound blaster live! value
pentium 4 2.4ghz C
512mb ram
ati radeon 9500 pro
windows xp pro

and i just downloaded the updated build of ntrack and it still doesnt work.

version 3 used to work and then i paid to upgrade to version 4 and that doesnt work?

when i mixdown i dont use the option of replacing the first recorded tracks, what i do is just mix it then open the mixed wave. i’ve never tried the latest though. just a temporary fix so you could proceed to your project. or you could try re-installing N maybe it would work.


i doubt it’s related to the 48000, but you could rule that out by setting it to 44100 and see if you have the same problem.

give us more detail about exactly what you’re doing (tell us your steps to do it)… i’ve done alot with mixdowns, submixing in seperate projects, importing, as well as using the “substitute tracks with the mixed down file” option… i’m sure someone can help spot what’s going wrong.

You say, when you are mixing two tracks down to one. I then am assuming there are other tracks involved. So, during the 2 track mixdown, are you insuring that you are remaining in the same sample rate as the other unmixed tracks?

When you say replace all the tracks …do they vanish or do all the tracks become mixdown regardless of selecting only the two?

Also, how many tracks do you have going in this issue?..I just wonder if that may exceeding your systems capabilities.