Mixdown Issue

Not getting same sound …

OK, this may be stupid but here goes, using wave files only no midi, got the tracks up using the mixer, do individual soloing of tracks, eqing, effects, etc, listen to each instrument/vocal in mix, get the sound I want, do a 32bit premix and wala, not what I was hearing before I did the mixdown, unwanted booms and high end on different instruments and vocals. Is this normal or am I missing something? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated guys :D

do a 32bit premix

What's that? Could you elaborate a bit?

when I mixdown to a stereo file I use 32bit floating instead of 16 or 24 bit and do a mastering from the 32bit down to 16bit for cd burning, maybe this is wrong and is what is creating the problem, I have no clue

Nope, that should not be the issue. 32 bit float should sound for all practical purposes identical. The only thing I can think of is that somehow you have unchecked the “process master channel box” or the FX processing box and stuff is being mixed down with none of your effects or tweaks. Also, maybe you are mixing down to mono instead of stereo or vice versa?

I will check to make sure the process master channel box hasn’t been unchecked, forgot about that, thanks Bubba,

I am mixing down to stereo files and getting stereo files

What are you playing the mixdown files in? Are you comparing the sound out of n-Tracks ans playing the mix from Windows Media Player for example? WMP has a built-in effect that is one sometimes (WOW) that will really change the sound. Some players have onboard EQ or other effects. Anyway, the idea is to double check that the mix is playing unadorned and at the same volume that n-Tracks is using. Player effects/EQ has bitten quite a few folks.

Also check playback device. Media players are probably using the Windows default device and n-Tracks may be using something different. If the settings in the Windows mixer are different for the different devices there could be a change in sound.

Even a few db of volume change can cause the sound to seem drastically different if you think they are the same.

I use Winamp with nothing on(plugins, eq, etc), where I am getting the problem is opening the 32bit wave back in n-Track, the process master channel is checked when I mix down to this. The reason I do this is to use eq and mastering compressor for final wave file, cannot run those with the first mixdown and other effects cause it bogs down my ol pc. My problem may be my old soundcard and DAW. They are ancient along with myself. Am using ASIO drivers latest available from Echo, Win98se, Celeron 600. Am monitoring thru soundcard with Snake Recording Cables thru Behringer Eurodesk 3282A, using same channel for all mixdown and mastering playbacks. Have mixer with soundcard set at all same output levels. Using onboard metering thru the Eurodesk for volume levels, do a channel PFL/Solo to get volumes set up thru playback amp. Am using Mitsubishi 100watt Pre-Amp/Amp into Jbl4311 Studio Monitors. Have checked all cables thru tester and no loss of signal detected. The only other thing I can think of is the soundcard is 7yrs old and may be going south on me. This problem just started in the last month, have been using this same set up since buying the soundcard. Am getting extreme loss of hair over this, and head swollen from banging on wall.

But thanks for the input guys, I really do appreciate it.:smiley:

The soundcard have onboard Effects? Some soundcards have onboard effects that you can apply to the output of your speakers, without change your files. Maybe you record hearing any kind of reverb that is not recorded. (like using the “What u hear” funcition of the Soundblaster Liver card)