mixdown issues


Rendering on N is a bit cumbersome.

For some odd reason, if I have a project with audio and midi tracks, the mixdown feature won’t render the time intervals I specify even when I mute the midi and the vsti group channels it’s attached to.
It INSISTS that the whole friggin thing be mixed down and it’s pissing me off.

I had to create a whole new project, import the audio tracks there…reset all the EQ, panning, levels, etc and then render the segment.

Apparently, rendering in N that uses both audio/midi is not very flexible. [sigh]

It’s work-aroundable but in a painful way because it completely disrupts my creative flow when Im in a roll (which happens rarely ;))

Hopefully, some less-convoluted FREEZE feature will be in the works for the next version.

If all else fails, why don’t you just render the whole thing down to one file and then chop the resulting file to the time interval you need ? A lot less work if I read you right…

t. :)

Well what happened was during mixdown, I realized I didnt want the midi tracks for the intro of the song but just the guitar parts.

So I figured I just mute all the drums, midi tracks and render the time intervals of the 2 guitar tracks with it’s eq/pan/level/fx and reimport that peice to my more final version of the project.

To mix down an entire track results in a HUGE file not to mention waiting for the #### thing to finish rendering.:slight_smile:

Does it do the same thing if you solo what you want instead of muting what you don’t want ?

Unfortunately yes

Hmmm… Open your song, click ‘save as’ and save using a new name. Then from the new song, remove what you don’t want and then do a mixdown. Try removing only the MIDI stuff first, then take it from there.

Can you guess I’m stumped ?


Thats what I already done when I said 'new project’
Its convoluted but its the only way.

We need FREEZE

But if you use ‘save as’ you shouldn’t have to import files and reset FX…

are you just trying to render a couple of tracks? why not use the “apply tracks effects/envelopes” feature. you’ll still have multiple tracks but the eq/pan/effects will be rendered into a new wav file for each track you select.

then if you really feel it necessary to have just one track for those parts-mixdown those parts unselecting the tracks you don’t want disturbed, and check the “substitute tracks with the mixed down wav file” option. the other tracks will be undisturbed and you’ll have one new stereo wav of the tracks you combined.

The point was that anything with MIDI tracks involved you dont have a lot of flexibility when it comes to rendering.

You CANT render portions of a MIDI track…its all or nothing. Even with audio tracks involved…any midi tracks present will force you to render the entire track. It’s a pain.

LearJeff: Any thoughts?

MIDI is a pain in general when it comes to not starting it at the beginning of the track. Any events that happen before the starting point are not played unless there is code to chase backwards in the MIDI track for events that should always be played no matter where the track starts – Program changes, some controllers, pitch bend, resets, etc. Most sequencers do this to some degree, and some do it well. I honestly haven’t used n-Tracks MID enough to know how well it handles this stuff.

That said, this might be a bug in n-Tracks.

If the MIDI track plays right but doesn’t render to wave correctly I’d say it’s a bug. If it doesn’t play right then it’s probably that event chasing isn’t doing enough. That could be considered a bug, but it could mean a feature improvement is needed.

I say bug. But I also say render the whole track and edit out what you don’t need. :)