Mixdown Mystery

Looking for feedback

I humbly ask for the forums opinion.

Well, for some time I’ve had this problem with my mixdowns. I go through the normal process of mixing (compression, eq, etc.) and then mixdown my song. Everytime time I do this, the bass in the mixed down stereo track becomes significantly boosted and the track is too bassy.

It does not sound too bassy when I play the individual tracks prior to mixdown. But after mixdown, too bassy. I’m befuddled.

Any thoughts on this?


are you playing back your mixdown trough the same device than the mix?


Yes, everything is the same as far as record and playback. I record by plugging all the instruments into my mixer, direct outs to my sound card ins, sound card outs back to my mixer. The main outs on my mixer are connected to a power amplifier, then out to the monitors. The amplifier has no adjustments, it is strictly a power amp.

Does this help?


Two questions:
are you hearing the mixdown inside n-track or with any other kind of media player?

Sometimes, some plugins only work in realtime, and have problems when you mixdown. You can try mixdown checkin the “realtime” box, or deactivate all the fx and mixdown, to see if the problems come from some plugin.