Mixdown plays twice as fast

Mixdown plays twice as fast

When I “mixdown a song while playing”, the song time is reduced to half and the song plays twice as fast. This only happens when i “mix down while playing”. It doesn’t matter what sampling rate i choose it still condenses the song to half the playing time and plays it twice as fast.
I am open for any suggestions.

I am having a similar problem on 4.1 when I dont go to preferences every time I open a new sng file.

If I dont, when I play back the tune, it’s like the chipmunks.

Also, I just had a problem using the built in metronome, where I recorded and it recorded the wav files at half speed. When I play the wavs with media player they are actually half speed.

I’m not sure what is going on here, but any input would be appreciated.



Can either one of you post a very small native format (no mp3 or wma) mixdown file for us to look at? All we need is a few seconds of WAV.

In my case, I cannot get a mixdown to sound wrong. It primarily is just the case that when I first open the song file in ntrack, it plays like the chipmunks until I open the preferences dialog, change nothing, hit okay, and then it’s fine.

Very strange I know.

Anyone else experience this?


How do I post a sample? I have one ready but i don’t see a command button here in the forum to enable posting files.

You can’t post files here. you have to have a website or other hosting place to hold your file. If you have a band site that will let you upload mp3’s, that might work, though the mp3 conversion might complicate things where it would be unhelpful…


thanx fish, working on that. i was successful with the avatar though so the sound should come soon.

Even if it tells us almost nothing new, that itself will help rule ot some things.

This file is right around 7 megs.

My opinion is that it’s a bug in n-Tracks. We need to find a consitent repro that anyone can do. That might be a challenge. I’m trying to find one, since I did stumble on a real-time playback problem earlier today tat sounds just like this. So far no dice.

This file fornmat as writtin in the file header is 48k, 16 bit, stereo. It does indeed playback double speed anywhere. I have a feeling it’s getting treated as mono somewhere. Then it is treated as stereo with no converion to fill in the missing bits. Half the bits for a true stereo file file are missing so every other one will be read as left then right. That will cause double speed playback.

Anyway, even if I explained that wrong or in a confusing way, a true mono file will have half the bits of a true stereo file of the same playback length. If mono is treated incorrectly as stereo this is what will happen.

This file sounds mono when it plays, but the left right bits don’t QUITE match.

Still right around 7 megs.

I opened up the file in a binary editor and changed the bit that says it’s stereo to say it’s mono. (changed 02 to 01 in the header). After doing that it won’t play in Windows Media Player anymore (I don’t have the codec to play 48k 16 bit mono in waveformatextensible installed), but can be opened in Adobe Audition and imported as a wave into n-Tracks. And it will play in those apps.

When played back in those apps after the little hack it plays at what sounds like normal speed. I’ll leave it up to Bayt Elazar to tell us if it’s actually the correct speed.

If it is the correct speed then that means something in n-Tracks probably is getting the channels bit messed up (1 == mono, 2 == stereo, 6 == 5.1, etc).

The hacked uploaded file was saved out of Audition to be waveformatex. That format can be played in Windows Media Player with the normal codecs. It was originally waveforematextensible. That’s nothing to worry about and has nothing to so with this problem.

Phoo, looks like you are right.
The sample values for the right channel always fit neatly in between the current and the next sample value for the left channel.

Bayt_Elazar, were you mixing down to a mono or a stereo file?
If you were trying to create a mono mix, n-Track messed up the #of channels bit.
If you were trying to make a stereo file, half the samples are missing.

Edit: I can reproduce the bug now. It happens when you mix down with the output audio format set to “mono” (and mixing down while playing, as said).

Good repro, hansje. Thanks.

Mine simply crashes when I use mixdown while playing and have the mono button clicked. It happens 100% of the time with build 2003.

Thanks for the input all, offline mixing will have to do for now, which is working just fine.