Mixdown Problem - Help!

Immediately kicks me out of process

I’m using the current release of N-Track and experiencing problems during mixdown in background mode.

As soon as I hit start, I’m kicked out of the progress screen. A mixdown wave file is created with no content. If I select the option to play while mixing down, the program jumps immediately to the end of the song on the first attempt, but works on a seecond attempt.

Has anyone seen a similar problem? I never had this problem in the past, but I am using a different PC than I use to.

I’m not sure if it’s N-Track or my setup/configuration.

Hmmm… I’ve had weird problems during offline mixdowns but that was using early (about a year old) V4 releases.
Not very helpful, sorry…

EDIT: the workaround in my case was simple; just make sure the “playback timeline marker” was at the start of the song.

I’ve had the same problem and until now I thought I might be the only one. The first time it happened I tried everything I could think of and in desperation I tried adjusting the end points of all the tracks slightly. That did it. I’ve since had this happen several times and I’ve always been able to overcome it by adjusting the end points or the beginning points of the tracks. I’m not sure what happens but the mixdown function seems to get confused if it doesn’t like a start or end point of a track.

Thanks for the info 8th_note. I hate work-arounds, but I guess it will get me by for now.

Are you sure you don’t have an empty part of the song "selected?"

Click the “selection” tool (the white arrow) and click once somewhere in an empty area of a track to reset it.

When what happens to you happens to me, it’s invariably due to having a very small part of the song “selected” because I was dragging around and zooming in on different tracks to edit noise and envelopes.

nTrack will only mixdown data you have selected (so if you have nothing selected, it will mix the whole file), or tracks that are unmuted.