Mixdown Problem

new file won’t play

Hi, Anyone know how to fix this?
I downloaded LAME and put the .dll file in the plugins folder.
After importing an mp3 stereo file, i made some eq changes and did another mixdown. I saved the file with a name and .mp3 extention and started the mixdown. A small box popped up which says, "mp3 Settings."
It has a dropdown menu with presets like (CBR,VBR…)…
I hit the start button on this box and it gets stuck halfway thru the download. When done, the new file created will not play in any media player as an error message pops up not recognizing the file type.
I tried not using Lame and tried to save it as a .wav file and it still won’t play…same error message.
Help please…

Nevermind…I found out the the problem was naming the mixdown file incorrectly and also deleting the pop up box. This worked for both .wav and .mp3 files.
thx anyway.