Mixdown problem

WAV file sounding like a fax on steroids

Hello all

I’m experiencing a really weird problem when I Mixdown.

Usually it’s very fast and the resulting file sounds just fine. At other times the same project takes ages to process and the resulting file plays nothing but horrible loud screeching and beeping sounds?

I had to re-boot twice to fix this problem…


Wow, that sounds terrible.
I actually had a VCR do the same thing, and four heads we’re supposed to be better.

Anyway, theres a slue of things that could be causing this.
Anything from a virus, to soundcard malfunction.
I think if you go into more detail, OS, proc. speed, type of sound card ect. someone will be able to help.
Based on the information given all I can suggest is to check your buffer speeds. Another thing you didn’t specify is if your mixing down during playback or not, that can make a difference to.
This screeching and clicking thing, I have heard countless times in this forum before. So I think it’s something simple and common, so hang in there.


Hmmm, first impressions “screeching and bleeping”:

Are you using a modem?? These also have an input to the sound card mixer - so you can use your machine as an answering machine/call recorder. Could be that this source is turned up in the mixer. That’s a bit far fetched, but not impossible.

The only other thing I could think of is sample rate problems. Are all the tracks at the same sample rate?

As Jerm said, tell us a little more…