Mixdown problems

Mixdown problems

Anyone have this problem… Doing everything right as far as I can tell when trying to mixdown selected tracks. The wav result is about half as long as it should be, and it seems to have mixed things together randomly, so the timing of all tracks doesn’t match at all. The “mix” is more like a “stew”.

A convoluted fix: I “Save As” another file, delete the unwanted tracks, and mixdown the whole song.

I have a 2001 version of ntracks… do these mixdown problems occur on recent versions as well?

btw, I STILL think ntracks is the greatest thing ever! Having used ProTools, I find it perfectly comparable for what I want to do and for $30, man you can’t beat it.

Props to the designers!

Hey Bakerman,

I have personally never had this problem with NTrack 3 or NTrack 4.

Does your song play back fine normally? Could this be a latency issue?


As you can see from my specs below, I have a pretty modest setup and never had the mixdown problem you’re talking about.

Ver 3.3
CPU: PIII 800 Mhz
RAM: 384 MB
Snd Cards: Audigy I card + 2 SBLives
Drivers: kX ASIO

Playback is usually fine, then I mix selected tracks and it’s all messed up and truncated. Sounds like I should upgrade.

Mixdown is the only feature I’ve had a problem with (sometimes cuts off the last second or 2 for some reason), but maybe a newer version would be less buggy.

If you are not mixing down all the available tracks, you need to check that “process master channel” is turned on in the ‘more settings’ part of the mixdown dialog. I think that will fix your problem.

But don’t quote me on that until you check…B-)

'til next time;
Tony W