Mixdown Question

Mixdown while listening?

Had a thought… I usually choose an offline mixdown. Noticed that you can mixdown while listening. Is the final product the same… or, Are there any quality differences between these choices?


No difference. Unless of course you ride the faders or tweak something while mixing down while listening. I tweak the mix then mixdown offline. Goes faster…


Thanks… been using N for years and have always done an offline mix… Just got to thinking about that yesterday. I was reaching burn-out on mixing… guess when I get to that point where I start questioning stuff… I should probably just quit for the day!

Thanks for the reply!



Offline Mixdown overcomes audio pops skipping and the like when you are pushing the system to its limit - if you ever get to the position where you cannot listen to a song without audio aftifacts occuring and need to record song live to CD (the best way to do it) then do a partial mixdown using ‘1 mono track per output’ directing different tracks of your song to different outputs of your soundcard - creat new song from resulting tracks and use that for recording CD -

an 8 out soundcard will play 8 tracks without breakup, take 8 outs to outboard mixer and continue from there -

Dr J


an 8 out soundcard will play 8 tracks without breakup, take 8 outs to outboard mixer and continue from there -

Playback without dropouts is independant of the number out outputs a soundcard has, it’s more a software thing. Most of the time adjusting the playback buffers can solve it, but when their maxxed out or the software desk responds so slowly as to make it impractical, then it’s time to do partial mixdowns.

I regularly change my drivers over, as I find I can’t make the ASIO buffers big enough sometimes with this particular interface, so I’ll swap over to WDM where I can increase the buffer size. I’ll record bed tracks with WDM, use ASIO for anything that uses the LIVE mode, and go back to mixing with WDM where I can get smoother playback with buffer manipulation. Once you get the track number/effect number up higher, ASIO and LIVE become less useful as the throughput required for everything else is taking too much time - so I use ASIO and LIVE early on.

Offline mixdown DOES get around artifacts though, as it negates the need for buffers.

Also some VSTi’s may not render properly if doing an offline mixdown and may have to be rendered in real time.