Mixdown question...

When I do a mixdown and check the box to also make a wma file - I dont get the wma. Wonder if its saving it somewhere else or ??

After it renders the wav file a dialog box should come up that asks you info about the wma you wish to create. that box will include info about location.

It doest open a box like that… just goes straight to doing the mix… strange

Hmm. Which version? try a re-install. ???

That will happen if the needed WMA codec isn’t installed, or can’t be found. WinXp usually includes this. Which OS are you on? I think you’ll need WMP9 installed to get it, or maybe the db-poweramp wma module.

Installing WMP10 over WMP9 cause some problems for app looking for the WMA9 codec.

Well… now its doing this only intermittently - sometimes I get the wma coversion box coming up - sometimes not.

I’m using XP Home. Not sure which WMP version is on there, I’ll check


If you are on WinXp you most likely have the right codec. It’s probably something else. Being intermitent sort of bares that out…or is it bears…or beers…beers…THAT’S THE TICKET!

To do wma you’ll need to mix to 44.1k - 16 bits - stereo…just in case. I switch between 24 bits and 16 bit when doing mixdowns.