does it sounds better?

I’ve done again the mixing of “road” and “studio” let me
know what do you think about this new ones, I think that the
sound now it’s more clear as before.
For road I’ve reset all the effects and volume, then
I’ve choosed in the master channel an effect of
Voxengo, the stereotuch (very close) and nothing else,
just a little bit of n-track compression for the guitar. For the bass track
I’ve choosed eq properties and then high low pass.
Then in the second mixdown I’ve choosed for the master
channel the soft knee compression of n-track and again
voxengostereo (stage), and the ambience2 reverb just
for voices and guitars.
for studio5 I’ve set ambience1 reverb and soft noise gate
So, let me know if this time the sound ist better than
the last time. Maybe the voice need something… I don’t know.
thank you

Yes, I think you’ve moved in the right direction.

I still don’t like the bass too much on “road”. I don’t like the sound (it’s MIDI right? Can you use a different - softer? - patch.)

As for “Studio”, perhaps it sounds a little too “bright” now?

All in all though, I like it. Well done.


Yes Mark, the sound of the bass it’s a MIDI track played with SFZ (soundfont electric finger bass)… anyway it’s not a fantastic track but I liked it, maybe you could listen the original “road trippin” song of Red Hot chily peppers… so you’ll have an idea of the track bass :slight_smile:
For studio maybe it sound too bright because may acoustic guitar it’s too poor with bass strings, and I used a mic and a poor pick up of the guitar, so the sound isn’t very professional, but I’m still satisfied with the result.
you have help me a lot
thank you again
talk too you soon
have a nice day