Mixer control

Mixer control jam

I don’t know if anyone has had this strange problem but, here goes. After listening to a track i had just recorded, i moved the Master Mixer Control all the way over to the left of my screen, out of sight. I have not been able to retrieve it from that location. I hope this is not a computer screen glich as this problem is not present on other screens. This is frustrating as i have tried every thing from exiting the program to re-starting my computer.


Hi motowner, you might try resetting your configuration to the default settings. In version 3 there’s a button that does that right on the main Preferences dialogue (File->Settings->Preferences, or Ctrl+P). Let us know if that works for you.


try this - click on ‘view’ (on toolbar) - click on mixer - click again on mixer - first click should cancel mixer - second click should show mixer again in the centre of the screen

works on version 4 -

dr j

Thanks for the concern and replies. I tried what was suggested. Only after re-installing the program did everything fall into place.

Thanks again.