Mixer timeline direction

Alternative for left-right?

Just an idea that popped into my head a while ago.

About every one of the sequencers and digital audio editors I’ve used have their timeline going from left to right. n-Track Studio, too. The beginning of the audio track(s) is on the left side, and the pointer advances to the right.

Of course, that feels pretty natural and something we’ve been used to. Many of us write from left to right. The tape in an analog recorder (remember those?) have the beginning of the recording left side and the end right side (if you’re looking from the top or from the front of the machine.

But is this the only reasonable way? Arranging the tracks to go from up to down would be as logical. And it would have one big plus: the mixer channels could be lined up with the tracks they represent.

Of course, reaping the most benefit from this up to down timeline would require quite a large display. But that applies to the usual left to right system, too.


It might be confusing at first but it might work.
I forget which engineer and studio this was but I remember a story about a mixing board that had the faders in upside down so when the band tried to turn themselves up they were actually turning themselves down :D

Not a bad idea, and it would be nice for the recording phase.

But for comping tracks (selecting the best phrases from multiple takes) and mixdown, I’m sure I’d prefer left-to-right. After all, time flows from left to right, not from top to bottom! Just ask any mathmetician! :;):

An interesting idea in any case.