Mixer VU meter delay


Wondered if this was just me. I’ve noticed that I have quite a delay between the VUs on the mixer channels and the output mix. It’s much more noticable on drum tracks given the impulsive nature of the sound.

Clearly, this isn’t a huge problem as what nTrack brings to the table more than makes up for it, I just wondered if others had noticed this.

As supplemental info, I have a 3 GHz machine running windows XP Home and an nVidia sound card (nothing special, but hasn’t been a problem before). I currently have it mapped through the Windows sound interface I’ll try with the ASIO4All driver and perhaps the M-audio board I have.

Anyway, thanks for any feedback people have.


Have you checked the “VU meter Anticipates Output”-setting in Preferences? The way the VU meter reacts may also be customised - right-click on the VU meter bridge and try out the possibilities…

regards, Nils


Thanks. I’m pretty new to nTrack (having been a heavy duty Kristal user before).

I haven’t checked that setting (didn’t know it existed), but will do this evening.



Hi tdelve:
I have opened this in a topic some time ago. learjeff an I have mulled over this and we have come to the conclusion that this may be the visible reminents of “System Latency”… I can’t remember how IT came into one of the Topics-of-Discussion, but if Jeff replies he may be able to give you an idea as to how to reduce IT.

IT’s like… The Meters react “Out-of-Phase” with the “Track” content and material…

In earlier builds, before v4.2.0 there was a box to check in the settings/preferences that you could get the meters to antisipate the program material… But I don’t see IT in these v4.2.0 builds…


Both Nils and Bill are correct. Uncheck that option and the meters should be synchronized with the sound. However, you lose the abililty to see how far over 0 you went when you clipped on the master channel (output). To get the best of both worlds, try the ASIO drivers. (“Preferences -> Audio Devices”) If you have a pro or “pro-sumer” card intended for audio recording, it will have an ASIO driver. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is ASIO, so go to “Advanced” and turn off all types but ASIO.

If you have a soundblaster or built-in or gamer soundcard, chances are there is no ASIO driver. You can try installing ASIO4ALL which will provide an ASIO driver for your built-in.

Using ASIO gives you relatively low latency (the time between stuff happening in n-Track and you hearing it). This is crucial when using LIVE mode, but you only need that when using “plugin MIDI instruments” or using an FX you need to hear while recording, like a guitar amp and cabinet sim like GuitarRig. It’s an advanced application. However, low latency also gives the nice property that, when you make a control change, you hear the effect immediately rather than after that same delay you mentioned. This little thing (to me) gives n-Track a much nicer “touch” and makes it quicker and easier to adjust settings.

Ah – I’m not running 4.2, so maybe it’s missing. It was in “Preferences -> Options”. Hopefully it’s still there, and if not, it’s just an oversight Flavio can fix. On the other hand, just reduce latency and you’ll be good.

Thanks guys - I didn’t see the option, maybe it has go away (or I’m not sharp sighted enough!). I made do without it for last nights work.

I use the ASIO drivers with the M-Audio board and another 16 bit external IO I have. I agree, they’ve been very good at reducing latency. I forget what I got it down to but it was more than acceptable.

Thanks for your suggestions/advice.