Can an MKIII be used as a mixer in unison with a DMP3?
If so, how is it set-up?

Please go easy…novice here


Perhaps I’ve missed something, but a MKIII what? (I did try google, honest!)


If he’d said mkII, I’d assume MOTU, and the answer is yes, 'cept I don’t know what a DMP3 is. No, I didn’t google. If you want questions answered, it’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible for potential answerers! :cool:

I am so sorry…

“The Tascam 424 MKIII” (Cassette analog recorder)

In that case… “yes”.

DMP3…Dual Mic Pre-amp

I assumed…sorry… :( :laugh:

Would you care to share how the hook-up is done?

Well routing through the Tascam will be somewhat limited compared to a mixer but it does have some useful inputs (eg the XLRs) so I suggest that you just hook the line-outs from the Tascam to two of the inputs on your soundcard. (What card is it?). Plug the instrument(s) into the Tascam.

By panning tracks hard-left and hard-right on the Tascam you can effectively send them to one or the other input on the soundcard thus giving you access to two separate tracks.

You have insufficient routing possibilities to route the output from the soundcard via the Tascam aswell so that will have to go straight to the speakers.

…or you could do it the other way round since you have a preamp (which may well be better than the pre’s in the Tascam). Use the preamp channels straight into the soundcard and take the soundcard outputs to the inputs on the Tascam instead…and the Tascam’s output to the speakers. This just means you can adjust the volume sent to the speakers and have a convenient place to plug in headphones.

Without seeing it, I imagine it would go something like this, if you wanted to record to tape through the DMP3:

Mic -> DMP3 input -> DMP3 output - Line input on MKIII.

Yeah, definitely try to go from the DMP3 output directly to the Tascam heads (avoid any use of the mixer on the Tascam cause it is nasty noisy especially the mic preamps). And when it comes to mixing, take the direct outs (from each tape head) on the back of the deck through an external mixer into either your computer or a DAT deck for the final mix. I have had great results with keeping the mix relatively clean this way.

But the best way would be to go from your DMP3 outputs into your line in on your computer and record and mix the whole shebang in N-Track IMHO.

Thank you to all !