Mixing cd vocals with imported music audio

recording mix of voice and cd audio

I have a Roland 1600 Home studio. Here’s what I want to do:
Record/sing a song on mono using the Roland…but WITHOUT recording the instrumental audio that will later accompany my singing when I import my vocals into N Track.

THEN: Using N Track, import my vocals on the cd I created using the Roland 1600. NEXT, import into N Track the professional audio instrumental to accompany my vocals. This instrumental will also come from a CD track.

THEN: Add/blend those the two tracks to create a stereo master for buring into a cd.

The reason for doing it this way and not using the Roland for the final mix is simply this: I want to play around more with N Track effects…applying them to my vocals to obtain the best final mixed sound for the master. Is this possible?????? ???

Why not record the vocals directly into n-Track? You could import the instrumental track first, then record the vocals alongside it, and you’re ready to mix.

If there’s a compelling reason not to do it that way, then I don’t see why you can’t do it the way you’ve explained. You can certainly import audio from a CD to your computer and then use it in n-Track. Although, how are you going to sing in time and in tune with the instrumental track if it’s not on the Roland?

Thanks for your reply:

I have a professional studio recording mic and the male end of it will not fit into my computer’s mic jack…that’s why I’m trying to find a way to use the N Track effects on my vocals.

Here is what I want do with the Roland and N-Track:

Roland allows me to load the instrumental track from a professional audio CD and record my vocal on my choice of a mono or stereo track(s).

Then, I can bounce my vocals to a plain master track and burn a copy of my vocals to a blank CD using the Roland and EXCLUDING the audio instrumental.

The vocals are then in perfect time with the instrumental track, yet only my vocals are on the burned CD.

From there, I want to load both the instrumental audio track and my vocals from the Roland Track I burned into N Track Studio. Next, without adding any effects to the instrumental, I want to add reverb and other effects to my vocals. Then mix them down together to master and burn the track to a new CD.

This should give my vocals better effects than just using the effects available in the Roland digital studio.

Having just purchased N Track (I use Sony Sound Forge), I’m wanting to know whether the steps outlined above will work.

Let me know what you think and your suggestions.


The approach that you suggest should work just fine.


You should be able to use your Roland as a mixer that feeds to the sound card on your computer. It should be possible to connect the line-out jack on the Roland directly to the line-in jack of your sound card. All you will need is a cable. My guess is that hooking things together this way might give you some more flexibility, and would in the long run save you some time (no need to burn and rip CDs every time). And, you should be able to record live to your PC. In fact, it should give you be a pretty sweet recording set up.


Great idea…thanks again…Jerry