mixing consolea

the posts concerning controller consoles for n-trak has my GAS problem flaming again. Some have inputs for vocals and stuff and some like one of the behringers are just controllers. Could i use my omnistudio usb in conjunction with the behringer console? use the console to control n-trak and the onmistudio for siganl input using 2 usb ports? both need the usb connection can this work or is my ignorance shining bright.
thankd Cruiser :cool:

HMMMMM! I must just be getting laughs at my question. or no one knows the answer.

It could work fine. It could fail miserably. The problem you may run into is the limited bandwidth that USB can provide. MIDI data from the control surface shoul duse very little bandwidth on the USB bus, so I would at least give it a shot. If the control surface doesn’t work, return it.

thanks Bubba…If the two didn’t work together I’d probably keep the controller and use it for mixdown purposes anyway.use them at separate times.since it looks to be easier than a mouse for contolling the n-trak or any virtual gear.