Mixing down with MIDI to VSTi?

Hey all;

I’ve got about 55 tracks going in one of my mixes. A couple of these are MIDI, but are being outputted to sfz (VSTi). When I go to render the mix, I get the “… do you want to convert your MIDI files…” dialog. Is there a way to render this with the MIDI files (since they’re not going to a MIDI destination, but rather to a VSTi, which I figured was more like a subgroup)? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for me? The problem is that there are a number of MIDI tracks, and only a couple that I’d like to mix down, but I don’t want to just delete the other MIDI tracks in case I need them later. Also, this little ditty is 17 min long, so I’d rather not have a huge wave file that starts from the beginning of the song when I only need it in the last 45 seconds or so.


I’ll tell you what I do. I just solo the midi track and record it as it plays. You should also save the midi files by exporting them. This will save them so they will appear with the other files of the project. Then if you screw up you can import them again.

Thanks for the advice.

Well, as it happens, this post was not even necessary - the MIDI file I was using was near the end of the tune, and I hadn’t actually listened to it all the way through until just now. It seems that when a MIDI track is played through a VSTi, it does in fact make it to the mixdown.


Good innit!