Mixing dropouts with vsts

Advent laptop with a Pentium P4 3.06GHz processor and 1 Gig Ram. Realtek A97 soundcard.

Running Ntrack 3.3 I was getting dropouts on all my mixes as soon as I added any vsts. I bought a Behringer FC202 firewire audio interface and installed as per instructions. I’m still getting the same problem. Soundcard set to 44.100

I’ve set buffering from lowest to highest and all points in between and am still getting the same problem. Any ideas people?

You need to increse the buffers if you’re getting dropouts.

Check the control panel for the interface (I’m assuming you’re using ASIO drivers…)

Which drivers are you using?? (WDM,ASIO,MMC)?

Does this only happen when you add VST’s??

You are still able to record cleanly without snap/crackle/pop?



As I said I’ve set the buffers from lowest to highest and all points in between.

The berry control panel only has two settings sampling and latency and is less than useless.

I’ve not even tried recording yet but playback is fine until I add effects.

I had the same problems with ASIO, I found that WDM worked much better. I did have to make sure that Windows wasn’t using the device also.

Prior to getting WDM to work (because Windows was using it), I couldn’t get a recording with ASIO without dropouts.

As far as I can tell, the only advantage offered by ASIO is low latency monitoring. For my purposes WDM has worked far better.


I’ll try changing the drivers tomorrow and come back with the results. Thanks all for the help. Cheers Barry

If the buffer approach doesn’t work, then you may need to ‘freeze’ a track. It essentially does a mixdown on that one track with frees up resources used by the VSTs on that track.

Another route is to utilze both Groups and Aux channels to combine tracks into a single set of VSTs. I usually use Groups if I don’t need automation.


I’ve not even tried recording yet but playback is fine until I add effects.

Registered, legal, effects?

I’d be looking at a couple of things
- change to wdm, crank the buffer number and sizes up.
- Check your pci latency and decrease the vid card, decrease any sata controllers, and increase the firewire
- check that the firewire card is compatible with the berry.
- disable the onboard ac97 sound.

Yeah, some VSTs will drop out every 10 seconds or so if it’s not a fully registered version. Some of the n-Track effects used to be like that and I’ve seen others vendor’s VSTs that are like that too.

Sorry not to respond but BT and braodband are giving me a real problem. I’ll post again when I’ve troied all suggestions. Cheers

Hi everyone. I’ve upgraded to 4.5 and it seems ok now. With any luck I’ll have something to put up for critique soon. Cheers

I guess I spoke too soon. Had a serious problem with the Berry drivers and have had to clean reinstall XP. On 4.1.6 now fully registered with Flavio’s latest codes. Card now working fine but if I try to record using LIVE as soon as I playback the track Ntrack reverts to an unregistered prog and puts in the nag tones. I’m waiting for a response from Flavio, who’'s been very prompt with help but in the meantime has anybody had this problem before?