Mixing Two Tracks seperately...

Hey, I have the unregistered version of nTrack. Is it possible for me to mix two tracks in a song seperately? I have one track that I’d like to mix different than another but it seems that whenever I mix/edit one track it mixes and edits all of the others too. Also is it possible for me to mix just certain parts to a track? Like lets say I have a 20 sec part in a song that I’d like to make softer then the rest of the song, is it possible to edit just this 20 seconds? Thanks much.

I’m not sure that I understand your question. Are you asking whether you can split the two channels of a stereo track and work on each independently, and then save each indepently? If that is your question, then all have to do is choose TRACK from the menu bar and then chooses SPLIT STERO TRACK from the drop down list that appears. This will cause Ntrack to split the stereo track into two mono tracks and you can then adjust each completely independently. Then you can mute one track and select FILE then MIXDOWN SONG, and the un-muted track will be written out (rendered). If you highlight a part of the track before you select MIXDOWN SONG, only that part will be rendered.