mo drums

putting together ‘inventory’

I started some more drum track inventory to sell to folks who might be in need.
This one I liked.
Toms too ‘ballsy’?

Hope yer drum patterns don’t have drop outs like yer spelling does!

togther? :p

together! :laugh:

hey Boiy!



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
:laugh: :cool:

I bet you work for the forestry service…they all have beards, including the wimens.

Quote: (phoo @ Jan. 31 2009, 7:19 PM)

I bet you work for the forestry service...they all have beards, including the wimens.

Uhh, I thought that wuz Dwarves! The wimens wif beards! :whistle:

Hey you don’t have to worry about me and your spelling. Pho’net’ick, works!

You might as well keep all that hair untill the snow melts. You look pretty good with one eye closed! Friendly like.

Couldn’t help my self - you guys wouldn’t comment so I had to see how my drum track mix would “hold up”.


Now my curiosity is aroused here, is it Poppa or BIAB?

Drums are real smooth! :agree: What’s the rest of the instruments?

Sorry TA, I’m up to my ars in drums for this week. Oh by the way, the track I sent you didn’t work processed through EZ for some reason or another. I maxed everything trying to get the drums up front in the mix. Ended up getting some new samples out of frustration. So my samples sound like your samples. Don’t think I’ll personally be needing any new beats for a while. I need to focus on some things I have waiting for me. They are to good to leave behind.

I think I got the samples before I redid the mix. So it wasn’t a fair test of your drums, think it was just my mix for the volume of the snare and kick coming out of drumsite.
ps, no seckret messages inbedded in text. :laugh:

Levi - not sure what you’re saying about files - did you have problems with my mix?
I told you to let me know if you needed more snare or kick or whatever…I could have had it to you in minutes.
That’s the problem with doing 2 channel mixes for drums though.

Ya stereo mixed drums can be. There will be other situations.
That was a random mix that I pulled out of the box. It had nothing to do anything at your end that I could see.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: what a bunch of wise guys!

Yea that midi file was a bit dif.