modify date is set in the future

Hi, i just upgraded to build 1744 but now i get the error:

Wave file last modify date is set in the future. Please check if your system clock is not set correctly or if the file date is wrong.

when i’m recording (i do record on networked drives). the time difference n-track complains about is just milliseconds or so (who cares about that?). anyway to get rid of this message? (adjusting the clock doesn’t help) :(

I had the same problem, because I had accidentally turned my windows system calender (well whatevr it’s called, clock, date) a few weeks ahead.

I had done some recordings with wrong date and after I put my calender into right date N-track started to bug me with similiar announcements. #### it, it’s none of it’s business when I’ve modified my files, in the future or not. It didn’t hinder me too much, it just gave some nuisance messages whenever I opened the project.

However, the problem dissappeared after the real date had passed the wrong date I had recorded something.