free chicks

Anyone notice if any of the major labels are making any money?
The past booms where
Country and Western
Chicago Blues
Surf n Stuff
Death Metal
They have all reaped gold. But are any doing anything today?

‘Pirate Thunder’ should be making a splash pretty soon.

What? I am already on Alt Pirate Core. Pirate Thunder is soooo last week.

Scurvy bilge rats took the booty maties!
True lubbers indeed! Lift your mug, sip your grog and pray that a mother load should come.
Show a leg maties, it may have been a Saucy Wench! I be searching the chest for a bunghole mates in case it has slipped into the sea, away to fathoms only seen by the logers of Davy Jones Locker themselves. :)

ayyyhhh. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Alt Pirate Core is soooo 2000-late…

As pasee as heroin hip-hog - me hearties :laugh:

Can’t wait for the next big thing!

I almost feel sad for the industry, though…almost;-)

It’s interesting to see how old school labels like “Antone’s Records” and “Alligator Records” adapted to the internet to some extent. They are steeped in tradition but you know they have to be bending with the wind some. But with sites like youtube, and myspace, I wonder if that has helped or hindered sales. Good for some and bad for others?


Good for folks like you and me, who otherwise would have no audience to speak of. For Alligator, or other specialty labels, or for the big labels, really, really bad.

Vinyl is the next big thing, it is going to revolutionize the music industry.
once people get an ear of it’s warm smooth sound they will never want to listen to digital music again. :agree:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

The next thing will be a direct interface to the brain. (If we still have one)
And your brain will be injected with custom sensations to simulate
music. There will be nothing to listen to. This will happen on a mass scale
as well - like at a concert. Instruments will interface with large
computer that will shower the audience with direct brain injection.

Now where did I put that quatrain?

:laugh: Forbes 500 has nothing

Here’s what ACDC has to say about Sony Music

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 18 2010, 3:12 PM)

Alt Pirate Core is soooo

Pirate is not a genera ol' salt, tis a state of mind. Arr Pirateism, sand n sea, blame the Greeks Matey!

It seemeth to me, ye old crust, that were it not for thy cantankerous wit, t’would be a better thing for all, that we leave the Greeks - may the will of Zeus move ever for them! - out of thy fumblesome calculations.

that it the beauty of vinyl there is no calculations involved…

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Aye ye’ll be hearing big things mateys could be Lady Gagas “Glam Rock”, sets my hornpipe to the wind! :laugh:

Arr She’ll be a Saucy Wench!
:cool: There is some big time production and imaging behind her act!