Monitoring of input gets out of sync

I have been away from Ntrack for MANY years, but I have a new project, so here I am. I have my old LynxOne audio cards in an XP 32bit rig. I have 2 lynxone (I will refer to them as #1 and #2) cards, and I am experimenting, but having problems. Here is the setup:

#1 Output is connected to powered speakers for monitoring.

I have a stereo audio source with the LEFT output connected to #1 LEFT input
The RIGHT channel of the audio source is connected to the RIGHT input of #2

For the most part, when I first start Ntrack up, the 2 signals are in sync, but as soon as I hit record, the #2 input gets delayed (pretty sure it is #2 that is delayed), not sure how much, but very bad, maybe a couple hundred milliseconds.

If I listen back to the recording, the 2 recorded tracks are perfectly in sync so it is only the monitoring that is whacked.

While still in this out of sync monitoring state, if I go into the settings, preferences for ntrack and change anything (i.e sampling frequency), once the change is applied and the sound comes back, the 2 channels are then back in sync…until I record again and the monitoring gets out of sync again. Again, something ntrack is doing in the monitoring, and dealing with the 2 cards, causes one to get delayed.

Couple notes about the LynxOne audio cards:

They are really old, and only have drivers for XP.
They connect to each other with a cable so that the clocks are synced.
I know the cable sync is working because the recorded tracks are perfectly synced. Again it is just the monitoring through ntrack that is the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

A little more info on this problem:

The LynxOnes are are coming in as MME devices.

SOMETIMES, the recording starts fine with the 2 channels in sync, then after a second or 2 the one channel falls behind.

Again, the actual recorded tracks end up perfectly in sync.

…one more point - the out of sync condition is very inconsistent. Sometimes it is a barely audible, and sometimes it sounds like it might even be a full couple of seconds.

It might be worth trying asio4all to rule out driver issues.

Quote: (TonyR @ Feb. 27 2016, 10:06 AM)

It might be worth trying asio4all to rule out driver issues.

I will give that a try, the site will not load. I see other places to download it, but none of them seem "official".

I found a copy of asio4all and installed it, but I do not see the asio4all drivers available as a choice. The copy I found came from Argh, frustrating.

Erhm!? Which n-T version are you on?

(Paco - can this be moved up to ‘General’?)

Quote: (TonyR @ Feb. 28 2016, 12:30 AM)

Erhm!? Which n-T version are you on?

I am on the latest trial version of ntrack - v8.0, just downloaded it a couple days ago.
Quote: (TonyR @ Feb. 28 2016, 12:32 AM)

(Paco - can this be moved up to 'General'?)

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category. It looked like General was mainly for new release notifications based on the recent posts. Please move this to where it makes the most sense!!

One more interesting piece of evidence. I still had an old copy of ntrack (version 2 from WAY back in 2000!). Anyway, I uninstalled v8 and installed the old version 2.0, and everything works perfectly. No delay or problems with the live monitoring. I still have my license key for V2 so I am fully up and running…but I would really like to move to, and purchase, the new V8 version. It looks great, and I have to assume there are TONS of improvements in 16 years! Wow, 16 years. Crazy.

I DO realize that it might not be fair to expect ntrack to work with a sound card that has not had a driver update since 2004, and only works in XP. That being said, I am on a tight budget, so buying new hardware is not an option, but I would pony-up for the latest ntrack happily. I LOVED it when I used it back in 2000, and it looks like it has gotten much better.

I also submitted a support ticket, so I will report back here if I get any resolution.

How d’you feel about starting from scratch and doing a clean re-install?

Quote: (TonyR @ Feb. 29 2016, 12:58 AM)

How d'you feel about starting from scratch and doing a clean re-install?

I believe I have already tried a start from scratch. Here is what I did: I completely uninstalled ntrack 8, deleted the program's registry entries, and deleted the program files folder and the folder under the user/Application Data.

After that I re-installed and had the exact same problem.

Is that what you meant by "starting from scratch"?

kmp14. I’m sure you’ll be up and running in no time.

Nice suggestions and ideas represented here… Thanks…

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Moved. :)