Monitoring throgh US-122L Tascam

Hello all,

How would something like the US-122L help in reducing latency with N-Tracks?

I did a search in this forum and found good reviews for that unit, I just would like to know what would I be hearing when I play through that unit versus playing directly into my computers soundcard.

Cheers !

I use it’s daddy - the US122 great piece of equipment. I don’t think you can go wrong at the price.

Thanks a lot for the advice.

Now, considering I’m new to PC recording, what would I be hearing if I monitor through the US-122?

I mean, if I play my keyboard and assign a VST instrument to it in N-tracks, would I be hearing the VST ? Or reverb in my voice when I sing ?

If you can spare a few minutes and post replies, please tell me how do you hook the US-122 up and what do get from it.

Thanks in advance man !

If you are new to this - it’s perfect for you check out this link and do a little research with the beginners guide to recording.
Tascam Us 122L

It has 0 latency monitoring - great control over in’s and outs. Plugs in to USB.

Great little unit. It also comes with software I see but I don’t use the Cubase mine came with - nTrack is way easier to use. It will have the ASIO drivers too. More on that if you buy it.

Let me know if you have any other questions, but bottom line is - you plug it in and set it up once and start recording. As far as recording live with reverb etc - Not a problem for me with the 122 - I suppose the 122L would be good to go too. But a lot depends on processor speed, memory etc. I use mine with a mixer in front of it and out from it - for monitoring purposes. You might want to find a little mixer while you are getting started. I use this one. Berringer 802

A great buy at 60 bucks.